iPodder 1.0 is out! iPodder is a “podcast receiver”, which means if you subscribe it to the right kind of payloaded syndication feed, it will automatically download the audio and transfer it to your mp3 player. It’s got a built-in scheduler, so you can set up overnight downloads and have the audio waiting on your device when you lift it off the cradle to head out on the morning commute. There’s a growing list of podcasters eager for your subscription, and a number of mail lists devoted to various aspects of this new medium. All this stuff was inspired by Podfather Adam Curry. I contributed code and feature ideas. A monster team from Active8 B.V. — Erik de Jonge, Perica Zivkovic and Martijn Venrooy — wrote code, built installers, designed a great site and the app screens, contributed feature ideas and more that I’m forgetting. Ray Slakinski and Aaron Mitti contributed code and testing help. The gang at the ipodder-dev list contributed feature ideas. Now…time to listen to some podcasts!

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  2. Andrew

    I know this should probably go to sourceforge, but here’s a bug report:

    I’m running Mac OS 10.3.5. I have an Admin user and then my personal user identity, the directory where my iTunes folder lives.

    When I try to run the iPodder installer from my user folder, I get an alert that I can’t install it, I don’t have access. No opportunity to authenticate – as you would get with any other installer.

    When I install from the admin level, it installs but then cannot be run from the personal user folder – again different from any other Mac application.

    Anything I don’t know or is this a bug?

    Dave Pentecost


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