A former ArsDigita colleague writes to tell me of the ia summit 2005 information architecture summit: “It’s relatively low cost, international, and has a good preconference program”.

Hazards of podcast consumption

So I’m sitting on the bus listening to another one of those “name that tune” segments on Daily Source Code. They’re so much fun! On comes a tune that I recognize, and I blurt out “Can’t Explain!”, trying to get it before Adam does. The guy sitting next to me turns his head and looks at me. “Oh, see, uh, I’m listening to this music trivia game.”

Take a little trip down memory lane at Virtual Apple. They have an emulator that lets you play your favorite 80s games, with sound and your very own reboot switch, from the comfort of your browser. I seem to remember logging a great many hours with Castle Wolfenstein and Cannonball Blitz. Gawd I wish I still had a copy of all those BASIC programs I wrote when I was 12. [via]