Really Simple Syndication: “What is a ‘River of News’ style aggregator?” This is the way I read news too. It’s odd that so few aggregators work this way, given how much more work the Outlook-style aggregators are. It takes a little bit of psychic letting-go, but you really don’t need to manage and mark each post that comes in. A well-designed aggregator will give you all the cues your smart brain needs. Let it flow.

I had a great wired moment yesterday. I’m on my way home, and just off the subway at Central Square. It’s a 30 minute walk to my house, and I’m hoping to use the time to chat with Martijn in Rotterdam. I’ve got a laptop, so I stop into the Carberry’s and fire it up. The computer detects five wireless networks, one of which is open. I find Martijn on instant messaging and ask him to Skype call my cell phone. He calls and I’m on my way. Man.

A new experimental license from ASCAP: “Examples of non-interactive music uses that qualify for Release 5.0 include: … [snip snip] … Radio broadcasts or pod-casts that do not offer a play-list, program guide, and do not make advance lists of the songs contained in the programs available prior to their transmission …” The license went live on January 1, 2005. Adam Curry wades into the legalese in today’s Daily Source Code.