iPod Shuffle mini review

My shiny new iPod Shuffle showed up last night, and I was able to incoporate it into my commute without too much trouble. Installation on Mac was surprisingly un-easy. I had to poke my way around in the CD and figure out what to do. The paper manual’s only advice was: “install the software”. There were two separate programs to install. Installation on PC was the usual autorun plus point and click, a breeze.
Likes: small size, light weight, front-panel controls, welcome absence of connector cables (works best with a front panel USB slot), pretty painless to use with multiple computers.
Dislikes: not ideal for podcasts (where you’re typically listening to new stuff and may want to know who it is and how long it will run), power switch takes some getting used to.

Scary. I think I know the answers to #2 and #3 on the hairband hit test featured in today’s Souce Code. No spoilers here. Do a view source and look for the HTML comment following this post for my answers. You realize I played electric guitar back in middle school, right?

I’m in the OpenACS users’ meeting. Carl Blesius is talking about how to set up a custom registration process using the Assessments package. Shimon’s Icecast setup, that I wrote about on Tuesday, is working pretty well. It’s a little shaky in Berlin, but London is getting a clear signal.