By the way, one of the reasons we’re looking at MediaWiki is that it can be dropped readily into the Sourceforge hosting environment. The downside is that it doesn’t integrate with anything else we’ve got there. If you’re interested in an environment that supports a growing list of applications with a unified user database and permission structure, check out OpenACS. Disclaimer: I’m a member of the OpenACS technical board.

I just installed a test instance of MediaWiki, the engine behind Wikipedia. We’re looking into using MediaWiki to host iPodder’s sorely out-of-date online documentation. So far so good — it took about 5 minutes to install. I like the fact that it’s used on a such a high traffic site. That bodes well for handling both traffic and spam. Here are the MediaWiki help docs.

Comment/trackback spam alive and well.

In case you’re wondering, comment spam is alive and well. A few months back, tired of watching the load crunch under the strain of computing whether or not to blacklist, I removed the comment and trackback scripts. My server returns a not found message for them. On a whim I grepped the logs today for hits to the trackback handler (mt-tb.cgi). Between about 3:30 and 4:30 this afternoon my server took 553 hits from 92 different IP addresses. Nice.

  $ grep mt-tb andrew.log|wc -l
  $ grep mt-tb andrew.log|awk ‘{print $1}’|sort -u|wc -l