WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg is taking quite a bit of heat for some stuff he did on the wordpress.org site. In an unfortunate twist he was vacationing in Italy when the story broke, but is now interrupting that vacation to respond. I’m not a WordPress user and haven’t had much time to think about it, but I know that people who can make the kind of waves Matt can are rare and often wildly undervalued. Please, cut him some slack, give him a chance to tell his side of the story. Oh and since all kinds of weird stuff is showing up today: as far as I know, this is not an April fools’ gag.

Battlestar Galactica podcast: “Start playing each episode’s file when the words ‘The Cylons Were Created By Man’ appear on your TV screen. Beeps will indicate when to pause for commercial breaks.” Lisa, are you listening? And no, that’s not who I was meeting with 🙂

I was in New York on business today, not far from these guys as it turns out, but at a different meeting. The Acela train was a breeze. Unlike on a plane, you can flip open the laptop the minute you sit down and get a good chunk of work done. I managed to add a new dialog to iPodder, which was cool. The downside: no net connection.

GigaDial is starting to attract spammers. The volume is low — what looks like a few manual attempts a day that usually fail — but today I had to delete a couple of bogus stations. I’ve intentionally left things pretty open up until this point to make it easy to try out. Tonight I tweaked it a bit to not link out from stations created by unregistered users. I’ll continue to keep things open as long as it’s manageable, and am keeping an eye out for creative ways to prevent spam while keeping the system easy to use. If you have any ideas, feel free to email me.