My video game idea

Okay, first, I’m definitely not a gamer, so take this with a great big grain of salt.
I’m listening to the Engadget interview with Bill Gates. Near the beginning Gates talks about Microsoft’s goal of broadening the video games market, to appeal for example to women and older people. He also highlights the “live” capability, where game players interact with each other in real time, and can even talk to one another through the network.
With that in mind, here’s my game idea: Virtual Mall. The idea is, game players meet one another at a virtualized mall and…shop. This could be as simple as a shared browser view of, with voice capability so the participants could talk about the pros and cons of the product in view. Maybe you enter your credit card and shipping info into the console, so that purchasing is one-click simple. Maybe you meet with your friends, or maybe people who have a reputation for their comprehensive knowledge in a product category where you’re looking to buy.
Am I crazy? I think this would appeal to the demographics that Gates is trying to reach. As Robert X. Cringley might say, if you run with the idea and it makes a fortune, slide a few friends and family shares my way.

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