Next moves for iPodder Lemon

Harold Gilchrist asks what the iPodder Lemon team’s next move will be. I answer in a podcast. The podcast feed, not updated super-often, is here. What follows below are the show notes for the podcast.
Preamble: Boston Street Performers Festival.

  Push out release 2.1, which will include at least:
  Sync subscriptions to remote OPML
  Genre overriding
  Translated to 14 or 15 languages
  One-click subscription
  Deploy Level 2 at the store.
  Erik presumably will continue to build out PodNova

But Harold’s really asking in the context of the Apple announcement.
Check out the comments on Harold’s post, including team member Garth Kidd’s post.
The good news is we’re not a company. If we were, we’d be a money-hemorrhaging company with a GPL’ed product. Or what in the late 90s they used to call a “success” 🙂
Bottom line: since can’t sell to AOL for $100million we may as well have fun and look for new ways to provide value.

  Better support for non-Apple platforms, which are lagging behind somewhat. Examples: Winamp, Yahoo! Music Engine, Windows Media Player, XSPF, Linux tools such as XMMS.
  Brandable, redistributable versions of the software.
  More and better integration with third party services such as GigaDial and PodNova. If you have one too, let us know.

Bonus Music: The West Exit

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