Answer: Chinese Simplified. On a related note, it turns out that the Russian screenshot is complete garbledeekgook, due to an encoding mixup. It’s fixed in the iPodder sources now and will be in the iPodder 2.1 release.

Anglophone-web request: if you happen to know which variant of Chinese this iPodder is translated to, please send me email with the answer. I think the choices are Simplified and Traditional. Thanks.

Trying out FeedBurner

I met a couple of folks that are involved with FeedBurner today and they said I should check out the service. Now, there’s no way I’m handing off all my subscribers to another guy’s domain, but perhaps a 302 redirect will allow me to see what the service has to offer without giving up control. Let’s see how it goes. If everything works all right you should continue to see my weblog entries in your newsreader as usual. And if it doesn’t, there’ll be a drop in the number of hits to my log to this images like this one .
Update: I’ve employed a bit of fancy footwork to send aggregator traffic but not browser traffic to FeedBurner. So if you click on the XML button it still points to my site. Yay. The trick, not 100% error proof, is to look for an empty string in the HTTP Referer. Most news aggregators set the Referer to empty.

CNET: “The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled Friday that the Federal Communications Commission did not have the authority to prohibit the manufacture of computer and video hardware that doesn’t have copy protection technology”. Wow.