I think I figured it out. I need a secretary. And a person to pay my bills. Not to provide the money, just to do the paperwork. Oy. Time is the scarce resource in my world.

I’ve had a chance to play with iTunes 4.9 a bit but rather than kibbitzing on the features, we should take a moment to recognize and savor where we are. Podcasting, less than a year after our community created it, is front and center on the Apple home page. The level of investment has kicked up another notch, clearing the way for even bigger investments. It’s a thrilling time.

Buyer beware

This morning at the grocery store, as we’re pushing away from the checkout counter, a bright-eyed elderly Asian man says to the girl running the cash register: “I see you speak Chinese”. The girl, who is blonde and caucasian, responds, “I don’t, actually.” “But you have Chinese written on you,” he says, pointing to the tatoo on the girl’s arm. “That’s Japanese,” she declares.