Watch the video, linked from the word “view” in the right hand part of the page next to the photo, of the press corps hammering secretary Scott McClellan on the Karl Rove scandal. It’s striking. I wanted to go back and take a look at footage of Clinton-era briefings to compare and contrast, but the archive page only contains the press briefings from the current administration. At first I thought maybe they weren’t posting this information on the Web up until 2001, which would have been surprising but not inconceivable. No, according to the Internet Archive, the press briefings were posted under Clinton, though only the listing page seems to be available. So here’s the question: who owns, the current administration or the citizenry? If the answer is the citizenry, we should expect and push for complete archives to be preserved from one administration to the next. Or, to put it another way, should be declared a linkrot free zone.

Seen at the Museum of Science this weekend: a technology for converting power plant emissions to … algae. From the GreenFuel web site: “Algae have been shown to thrive under conditions presented by power plant flue gases, reliably mitigate NOx and CO2 emissions, and to be an excellent source of renewable energy.” Fascinating.

We’re getting pretty close with the second-level branded iPodder at the store. This version lets you add a logo, homepage URL, and default language in addition to a set of preloaded subscriptions. If you want to help us test it out, drop me an email.

Jim Moore: “Our message in establishing this fund is that we believe that RSS is the next ecological layer of innovation on the web, and indeed across the information technology and communication sectors. “

Union Square goings on

Our very own Union Square is home to a weekly farmer’s market through October. We walked through it earlier today and checked out the fresh vegetables, pies, and lots of other goodies. Way to go Somerville!
Also, our beloved Union Bakery will host “office hours” with Mayor Joe Curtatone throughout the summer. They have great coffee, by the way. Don’t miss the chicken and cream cheese croquettes.
More Somerville news.

Apple press release: “iTunes Podcast Subscriptions Top One Million in First Two Days”. Side note: iPodder downloads and donations are still going strong. It seems plausible that this could increase our numbers due to all the promotion they’re doing for podcasting itself. Or that could just be wishful thinking. Time will tell.