I was up half the night last night with my little wakeful angel. Prospects for tonight were looking good until we heard a little rumble coming from her cradle. A quick diaper change and Kira’s now feeding with mom, so I thought I’d sneak away for a quick blog post. On tap for tomorrow is the annual apple picking expedition. I can’t wait. Hopefully the little one will zonk back out so the rest of us can catch up on some much needed sleep before our big day. One last thought. When I went to change Kira’s diaper, just as I was finishing…another rumble and another diaper to change. This repeated itself two more times. Like infants, sometimes life is full of discovery and wonder. Other times, well, there’s just a whole lot of poop.

Also in the headphones: Sigur Ros. I picked up this CD at the same time as Lewis Taylor. It was a random purchase, the CD happened to be featured on one of the front shelves in the record store. It’s fantastic, sweet and delicious.

Confession: my wife and I are hooked on an oldies music video show called “We Are The 80s”. Inexplicably, I can’t find a link to the show on the VH1 web site. Check your listings, or better yet, TiVo it if you’ve joined the ranks of the dvr-enabled.