So here’s my Friday strange lunch story. It’s nearing noon time and I’m getting ready to go down to the cafeteria to scrounge up some lunch. As I get up from my desk, the building’s fire alarm system goes off. Okay, no big deal, I’ll take a walk across East Cambridge to the mall, and get a sub at the D’Angelos. At the mall, I hit the bank machine, stop in at the Apple Store to check out the nano for a few minutes, and then make my way to the food court. I’m halfway across the court from the D’Angelos when it happens again: aaa aaa aaa aaa. Another fire alarm. Everybody startles and starts making their way out of the mall. I still have No Food, and am beginning to think it’s me causing the alarms somehow. On the bright side, I found a funky little sandwich shop instead.

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