We lost power for a few hours on Sunday. When the lights came back on, I booted up the computer and got the usual windows login screen with “aegrumet” and “Guest”. I clicked on “aegrumet”, watched my name sink a few inches to the middle of the screen and listened to the familiar “dee doo doo dum”. Then the machine rebooted. Much fiddling did nothing to change the result.

Something went very wrong with my PC. Sigh. Just when you think life is busy enough and complicated enough, you get these curve balls that remind you how much less control over your fate you have than you think you do.

There seems to be some kind of corruption in aegrumet’s personal settings file. Happily I was able to log into “safe” mode, create a new user and copy over my profile. Apparently this task is not all that uncommon.

Everything’s copied over now and sort of works.

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