From fellow Lemoner Martijn Venrooy comes news of the new Yahoo! Podcasts site. Very interesting indeed. It appears to be a directory with ratings, categories and tagging, plus a podcasting plugin for the music engine. Looks very clean. I’m going to have to dig around a bit more to see what they’ve done. In the meantime, to the YME guys, if you’re listening, we still want those APIs! Apple gives them to us, Microsoft gives them to us, you can too. It’s good Karma 🙂 I must confess I knew something was brewing, having had a few plumbing-level conversations with their folks. But I had no idea what exactly they’d be launching. My take, as with all of the other investments I’ve seen is, that this is one more vote for podcasting. The market continues to grow, and that’s good for everyone.

From Harold Gilchrist’s Mother of All Feeds comes a recommendation for this talk by 37signals founder Jason Fried. Quote: “‘Getting real’ is actually our process for building things. We say ‘no’ to functional specs, we say ‘no’ to diagrams, we say ‘no’ to boxes and arrows, we say ‘no’ to everything that’s abstracted from the real experience.”