Relocation, part 2

Andrew Grumet’s Weblog has a new home and feed. The old URLs should redirect and continue to work. Let’s cross our fingers, praise Murphy and hope for no interruptions. Comments are back on, so feel free to leave a note saying it worked or didn’t work or anything else that doesn’t involve pharmaceutical offers, Nigerian bankers or low-cost loans 😉 The move went off pretty painlessly considering 3 years’ worth of content from Movable Type came with. More on that later — right now the garage beckons (we’re still unpacking). Many thanks to the creators of WordPress.

2 thoughts on “Relocation, part 2”

  1. Thanks for the note, Steve. If you circle back, I’d be interested to hear whether you got any dupes, or if N^3 respected my GUIDs, which were preserved in the move.


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