My wife and I are working our way through season 1 of Lost. We’d been meaning to check it out for a while now. In fact, the tip came way back in 2004 from friend and colleague Kathleen Gilroy. It’s cool not having to be a slave to the tv schedules on this stuff. The show’s really entertaining, I’m digging it. I have a theory here about the show, so stop now if you’re not into speculation. Here’s the theory: the survivors aren’t really survivors at all. Instead the island is a metaphor for some kind of limbo.

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  1. Carolyn got me hooked on the show and we watch it religiously. I got into it about a quarter through season 2, right before Christmas, so we went and picked up the first season on DVD.

    Now every Wednesday night you see our bandwidth start to flare as we pick up the latest episode torrent. It really is great.

    Disclaimer: We don’t have a TV or cable.


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