Here’s another pattern. Suppose a friend gives you a hard time for something you’ve done. After thinking it through, you make it clear that you’ve heard their feedback but believe you made the right choice. A friend would say, “I think you’re wrong here, and your decision might even cost me a little, but in the end you have do what you think is right, and I support you.” If they don’t support you, they’re probably not a friend after all.

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  1. When I talk to people about stuff I care, I don’t want to be right – I just want to be taken serious and asured that you have understood what I am saying.

    Most of the times hearing “I understand what you have said” is all I am looking for as in pointing out something. Sometimes it also is needed to make clear why I am so interested / upset about it.

    And yes, on the outside of this in most cases I can and will support you then. 🙂


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