Discovered over the weekend: Pump It Up is a fun place for kids’ birthday parties. They have large rooms filled with inflatable tents for the kids and parents to bounce around on. It looks like they’re a national chain.

Tim O’Reilly responds to the Web 2.0 service mark controversy. It’s long and thoughtful, worth the read. But I don’t buy that Tom owes Tim and apology. Sending a c&d may be routine but receiving a c&d clearly wasn’t routine for this recipient. I’d imagine receiving a c&d isn’t routine for the vast majority of people. This probably could have been anticipated. And however comparatively nice the letter may have been, it still ends with an implicit threat: “CMP reserve [sic] all of its rights with respect to your actions to date”. Bottom line, if you draw your weapon first, don’t go crying foul when the other guy draws a more powerful one and points it back at you.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be at the Red Devil Lounge tonight to check out Griddle, The Freak Accident and American Heartbreak.