The I Dove Into Delete blog calls me an “unsung hero of podcasting”. Thanks for singing. Of course I was not working alone but as part of a team that included Martijn Venrooy, Garth Kidd, Erik de Jonge and, for a while, Scott Grayban. And there’s some stuff in the post that I don’t support, but just the same it’s nice to be appreciated. The attention usually goes, not undeservedly, to the first movers and to the podcast stars. Ironically, one of the few others to highlight our contributions early on was…wait for it…Robert Scoble! So Robert, if you happen to see this, I wish you all the best in your new gig, and hope you don’t take my pointer the wrong way. Oh, and if you’re looking for a neat place to live in the Bay Area, I’d offer up Alameda as a suggestion. Great location and lots of cool stuff here.

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