Today I have two digital living rooms, one powered by TiVo and another powered by Front Row. I use the former to watch recordings from cable tv, and the latter to watch ZeFrank, Rocketboom, the stuff that comes into my video inbox, and a handful of other video podcasts. TiVo is connected to a standard television. Front Row runs on an iMac that I control pretty much exclusively through the IR remote, except for when I subscribe to podcasts in iTunes. The two-box solution is temporary, I hope.

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  1. With software like Galleon ( you can subscribe to video blogs and have then downloaded and auto-converted to be available on the TiVo. So you could watch those video blogs on the TV today. Of course, Rocketboom is already available on TiVo directly.


  2. Thanks for the tip! One of my PodShow colleagues pointed me to Galleon as well, will have to check that out. The TiVo is a Series 1, by the way. Wonder if I can get Rocketboom on it or if that requires a newer box…


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