Note to self. SkypeOut rates vary not only from country to country, but with the type of phone you’re calling. For example, in many countries, the rate for calling a mobile phone is greater than ten times the rate for calling a land line. Buyer beware.


welcome_small.jpg I didn’t manage to clear my schedule to get to vloggercon this weekend but am catching bits of the videocast when able. Here’s the schedule, which you can use to figure out what the streams are carrying.

Richard Brewer-Hay, Aaron Burcell, Sam Levin, CMac and (pretty sure) Kaytoo will be there representin’ PodShow.

It’s 2pm pacific and the Rocketboomers are about to go on. The stream is here. has a page of recipe examples. Looks like it’s still a work in progress. Microformats are a way to communicate structured data through ordinary web pages. So the idea is to come up with html conventions for listing out the recipe title, ingredients, preparation steps etc.