I gave up on the Treo after a few days. Maybe I got a bad battery but I couldn’t go a day without plugging into the charger two or three times. Mail didn’t work half the time, and took forever to sync. I couldn’t find the simple, useful functions like Call Log that I use so frequently on my cheapo Nokia. So I sent the Treo back. Gonna try a BlackBerry, should show up this week.

treo650.png I’m tooling around with a new cell phone, a Treo 650. It has an SD card slot and claims to be able to play MP3 files. So I picked up a nice big SD card today and copied some files to it. The phone has RealPlayer installed but when I put in the SD card, RealPlayer couldn’t find the files. The answer is in the Fine Manual. You have to create a directory called SD_Audio at the root of the card, and copy the files there. Can’t say I ever thought I’d be listening to My Life in the Bush of Ghosts on a phone, but here I am. The sound quality isn’t half-bad! Here’s an on-the-verge of crusty page of Treo 650 tips and tricks (the comments) on Engadget.

Just back from a very welcome vacation, feeling refreshed. A couple of quotes from the break. 1. “The size of a house on Cape Cod is inversely proportional to the amount of use it gets.” — Dave, pontoon boat pilot. 2. “Grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your kids.” — unknown Author, found on a sign in a friend’s parents’ kitchen.