awil.jpg Last night I had a “double dream”. In the dream, I was lying in bed. Weird stuff was going on in the clouds outside my window. It didn’t seem real. Then I woke up, having fallen asleep in the reclined seat of my car. I wandered into my house. Weird stuff going on there too. What was I doing sleeping in the car? Then I woke up, again. True story.

1932: “First use of Skippy as a trademark for peanut butter, produced by Rosefield Packing Co., Ltd. in Alameda, CA.” Today we attended a “Peanut Butter and Jam Festival” in West Alameda, to commemorate.

This weekend we threw a birthday party for daughter #1, who turned five on Friday. It was great, lots of parents as well as kids, everybody from within ten or fifteen minutes away. It’s kind of hard to put it into words but it felt very local, in a way we didn’t have back East. In Boston, most of our friends lived at least an hour away, so hanging out with friends wasn’t quite as casual an affair.