This weekend we threw a birthday party for daughter #1, who turned five on Friday. It was great, lots of parents as well as kids, everybody from within ten or fifteen minutes away. It’s kind of hard to put it into words but it felt very local, in a way we didn’t have back East. In Boston, most of our friends lived at least an hour away, so hanging out with friends wasn’t quite as casual an affair.

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  1. Aha, so it has been edited now. Your initial wording got me thinking.

    My younger brother constantly played the “it’s not fair I’m the youngest” card. While it’s true that the eldest can justly be called child #1 in a chronological sense, there might be a away of referring to one’s children in reverse chronological order without appearing to play favorites.

    Then again, as a parent, I don’t have this same problem since I have one son and one daughter and can easily refer to one or the other without ordinal. I do expect that my younger child’s appeals to fairness will only grow as he does.

    (Just to be crystal clear: I’m not meaning to imply that you’re slighting daughter #2 by referring to her as #2 or that there’s anything wrong with referring to them as #1 and #2… I’m just thinking out loud.)


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