In the headphones: Rumble Fish soundtrack, by Stewart Copeland. A truly great album. Hmm, can we say album any more? When I first purchased this music, it was on 12-inch vinyl. Now I’m listening to it streaming through a music club membership. Hmmmmm.

Really enjoyable Gillmor Gang this week. Adam Curry is on, and even though I listen to DSC every day and shoot the bull with Adam about this stuff too, it’s great to hear the conversation from another perspective. The podcast is in five parts: one, two, three, four and five. Oh, and the bit at the end by Calacanis? Priceless 🙂

One more great place to take kids in the Bay Area: Smith Family Farm. They’ve got pumpkins, hayrides, animals, musical performances. Lots of fun. I have some great pictures as well, will try to get a few posted.