There’s been so much activity lately that I haven’t been keeping up with the blogs. Forgot to fire up the web-based aggregator that runs on my machine at home, so I was just giving a quick spin to the Google offering. They have a quasi River of News view though it’s still embedded in a frameset, and I’d prefer the item sources to be more prominently marked. One unique aspect of the reader, something either I like or is just plain spooky (or maybe both), is that when you hit the bottom of the river, more news flows in. You can just keep scrolling, seemingly forever.

I heard back this morning from GrandCentral. No support for number porting yet. Boohoo. Giving up the number seems so…20th century. Surely there has to be a cost-effective way to hold onto it.

We watched Cars this morning with the kids. It didn’t wow me the way other Pixar films have, and is a bit on the long side at nearly two hours, but it’s solid. Don’t miss the “inspiration for cars” in the DVD bonus material. It’s all about old route 66, makes me want to go on a car trip. Or maybe read some Kerouac 😉

With the holiday here in the US I’ve had a chance to slow down a take a breather. It’s been a busy time at PodShow with the v1.9 release of and, the usual post-launch bugfixing and bringing a bunch of new folks up to speed as we grow the company. Phew!