Bravo, Bravo!

In our few spare moments between work and kids Lara and I have been watching Top Chef, both the current season and the first season marathon that aired over the break (thank you, TiVo). It’s a Survivor clone, a reality show where contestants are eliminated one by one in a series of challenges until a single winner is all that remains. The show itself is entertaining and well produced, especially if you’re into food.

Searching around a bit this evening I stumbled on the Bravo blogs page. They’ve lined up a bunch of the stars from the various shows to write weekly columns that “air” around the same time as each episode. I have no idea whether the stars themselves are actually writing the entries, but some of the writing is very good. Here’s host Padma Lakshmi on the beach breakfast challenge where Mikey loses his eggs:

“I was so tired and my eyes burned from being open too long, but the minute I got out of the production van, all my sleepy irritability was washed away by the gorgeous sight of the roaring Pacific Ocean. It felt great to be there, especially that early when dawn had yet to break, and the air still had a considerable chill to it. After being in hot kitchens, restaurants, and food fairs, that shore was a sight for sore eyes.”


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