Philip Greenspun on the new “‘But we already went bankrupt in 2001 and we have Jin.'” 🙂 Postscript: I guess only about 80 people that were hanging out in Cambridge seven years ago will truly appreciate that comment, but I couldn’t resist.

clix2.jpg The Bleeding Edge has the scoop on the Clix 2: Thinner, capable of doing 30 frames per second, WMV support, maxes out at 8GB capacity, hits the market “in Q2”. I recently picked up the first rev of this device for just north of US $100 (thank you eBay). It’s a fantastic device, great interface, great image quality. Since it can do only 15 fps, you wind up transcoding a fair amount — which in my case was at least half the point. To that end, Wikipedia has a handy guide, see the section on creating video content for the U10.

A little magical moment happened this morning when I sat down to check email. There was nothing requiring action, and on top of that there were happy birthday wishes from two old friends. A gift in its own right. Thanks, guys!