You can get Carole King’s beautiful soundtrack to 1975’s Really Rosie at Amazon but where can I find the video? Over thirty years later I can still remember watching this projected on a rainy-day lunchroom wall in my Evanston, Illinois grade school. Now I work with a Rosie and have kids the same age I was when I saw the film. So I think about these things. Chicken chicken soup with rice.

Reading Neil Baldwin’s biography of Thomas Edison and enjoyed this retort to a young chemist in Edison’s employ who had tried ‘every reasonable’ approach to solving his problem: “‘That’s just where your trouble has been,’ the Old Man interrupted. ‘You have tried only reasonable things. Reasonable things never work. Thank God you can’t think up any more reasonable things, so you’ll have to begin thinking up unreasonable things to try, and now you’ll hit the solution in no time.'”

spikes.png Google Scholar maps the connections between refereed academic articles. I found it recently when looking for an online version of the Science Citation Index, the tool I used in pre-Web times to find papers. Having recently moved my Ph.D. pages from MIT to my personal site I wondered who if anyone had cited my work. Sure enough Google is tracking it. 43 citations as of today to a methods paper I wrote in 2000. Coooool.

Technews reports that the 4GB clix2 will land in the US some time in March. Another key feature, something I missed in my last post about the clix2, is that it has a standard mini USB connector. This is key because while the clix can sync against multiple machines, it has a quirky connector. If you want portability you have to remember to take the cable along with you, a minus.

Went to see Babel last weekend, managing to hit two of the Oscar-nominated films of this year (the other was Little Miss Sunshine). At one point during the Oscars coveage a voice-overed cast member characterized the movie as pulling you from one gut-wrenching scene to the next. That describes my experience of it well. Afterwards I felt physically drained. The part I enjoyed most was the feeling of being transported to the diverse parts of the world where the action took place. And the music.