Hijacking is only half the story

The vivid and viral term “rss hijacking” describes only half of the problem with the SplashCast service. The other is permission. If you want to make a copy of piece of media, create a derivative work and host it on your own server, you need to get permission first. You may be a really nice person and believe that your intentions are good. You may even be losing money for the benefit of users. You still need to get permission.

Like Adam Curry I’m surprised by the relatively muted reaction in the community. PodShow (my employer) took at least twice as much heat for half the sin.


Adam Curry: “To protect our property we will now have to ‘opt-out’. Puting the burden on us of finding all the stolen shows and requesting them to no longer be copied illegaly.”

Andrew Herron: “re-encoding video with an opt-out system instead of an opt-in system may give you a bigger content base, but it’s still content theft.”

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