Busy weekend. We’ve been packing up, getting ready to move to a new home. No, we’re not leaving our beloved Alameda: the new place is just a few blocks away. Packing is exhausting but also contemplative, it affords an opportunity to take stock of yourself and your past, through your stuff. And it’s also an opportunity for catharsis. As an acquaintance once said to me, “four moves is as good as a fire.”

Biggest threat to the open Internet…spammers?

For all the talk of net neutrality and Ted Stevens’ tubes, it seems the biggest threat to the Internet is the spammers. Today companies spend millions of dollars to keep their emails from getting routed to junk email folders. And heaven forbid if you should deploy a trackback-enabled weblog without some form of blacklisting. If you want to run a service on Web 2.0, your destiny will be to fight spam. Fighting spam is expensive, ergo if you want to run just about anything, no matter how small, your destiny will be to spend a lot of money. Or go out of business. It’s a shame I tell you.

Boned is PodShow’s new serialized gameshow. I listened to it last night for the first time. It’s great, very quirky and highly addictive.


On TWiT 100 the guys were talking about the Twitter service and how initially it had no “e”. In hindsight, if it were me, I would have called it Heartbeat. Yeah yeah I know, there’s no way they would have been able to get that domain. But it’s a vastly better, more descriptive name, don’t you think?

Just finished watching the Top Chef “smackdown”. Hats off to the show’s producers. This pre-season preview features a cook off, Season 1 vs. Season 2. The judges? The contestants for the upcoming season. Smart. They tried to stick to the familiar format (quickfire+elimination) but it lacked in drama somewhat since nobody’s butt was really on the line. Just the same, it entertained. Looking forward to the new season.

Okay so I’ve been digging up Christopher Hitchens’ media appearances across the podcast landscape. If you just can’t get enough Hitch, check out my newly created Hitch channel on PodShow Plus. Or subscribe directly to the feed. Love him or hate him, it’s compelling content. It’s also fascinating how each of the different talk show hosts reacts to his anti-theism. Though I’d like to find content with some less friendly hosts. Anyway it’s a perfect use of the technology. Why not make your own? Mmm, mmm, new media goodness!