Biggest threat to the open Internet…spammers?

For all the talk of net neutrality and Ted Stevens’ tubes, it seems the biggest threat to the Internet is the spammers. Today companies spend millions of dollars to keep their emails from getting routed to junk email folders. And heaven forbid if you should deploy a trackback-enabled weblog without some form of blacklisting. If you want to run a service on Web 2.0, your destiny will be to fight spam. Fighting spam is expensive, ergo if you want to run just about anything, no matter how small, your destiny will be to spend a lot of money. Or go out of business. It’s a shame I tell you.

4 thoughts on “Biggest threat to the open Internet…spammers?”

  1. Hate bloggers trying too hard to be “controversial” are another big problem.

    Carmelo Lisciotto


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