Over the the weekend I logged into Facebook to do a little bit of research. Coincidentally Lara created an account as well. So I friended her. From across the house she laughed and said, “I’m trying to figure out how we know each other.” A few minutes later I went back to my friends list. Under her name — my wife of nine years — it says “you hooked up”.

We ate dinner last night at À Côté restaurant in Oakland. We arrived just before 8pm. Parking was a bit of a challenge. After wandering a bit we found a spot on one of the side streets. There is also a BART station near by with a large lot. The wait was about 30 minutes. The food was amazing and not too pricey, most entrees under $20. Highly recommended.

The Windows Vista Team Blog announces some new goodies plus something called “Internet TV”. I stumbled across Internet TV over the weekend and wandered around a bit. There’s a decent amount of content: news, top picks, movies (trailers), concert footage, tv shows. It appears to be an ad supported model as opposed to pay per view. The ads are 30 second spots, most if not all hawking Microsoft products. I watched the pilot for Arrested Development, which was very funny. What else did I watch this weekend? ThePlus, of course.