We took the family to Legoland California yesterday. My favorite part by far was Miniland USA, which contains Lego constructions of several major US cities…New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas etc. According to the site they used 20 million Lego bricks in its construction. That’s a lotta plastic. Other high points: the factory tour and the store, where you can purchase individual pieces in bulk.

In today’s LA Times, a lengthy front-page profile of Mitt Romney, and coverage of anger at Barack Obama. I’m not an LA Times reader, nor an election watcher, but find this combination a bit surreal. Reflection and inspiration on one side, hard times on the other. Is this really what happened in politics today?

Updated the header image to a nice fall-themed pumpkin patch. Now that it’s winter. Also updated my WordPress install. Vacation…a great time to get things done! 🙂