Great big congratulations to Matt and the Automattic team on their series B financing. GigaOM has more details but perhaps the juiciest tidbit is on CEO Toni Schneider’s blog: “In addition to investing in us, we are also entering a partnership with the Times to expand their existing WordPress blogging infrastructure and to create new ways of connecting WordPress bloggers with the New York Times and its readers.” Hmm, interesting!

new-shelves.jpg Today’s mr fixit project was to install two shelves in the home office, after a trip to Rockler in Pleasant Hill to pick up supplies. Tomorrow we celebrate Martin Luther King Day here in the US. I will have the day off.

Matt Raymond, Director of Communications for the Library of Congress: “We want people to tag, comment and make notes on the images, just like any other Flickr photo, which will benefit not only the community but also the collections themselves.” Wow. See and annotate the photos on the LOC flickr page.