A short personal note on name changes. We had to make the iPodder name change very quickly. We had no money, no lawyers and no time. We tossed a few names back and forth and came up with Juice. It kept alive the notion of “fresh-squeezed” media — where the lemon logo came from — and we were not aware of any other product in downloadable media having a similar name. How did it go? Less than 24 hours after the launch of the new name, we got an angry email from the author of a software product called…Juice. An RSS reader. Oy.

A few years ago Seth Godin asked, “remember AOL keywords?”. I do! They ran a pretty major ad campaign encouraging people to find Web sites by using these keywords instead of typing the full URL, h-t-t-p-:-/-/ blah blah blah. The copy ran something like this: “log in to fubar.com, or use AOL keyword fubar”. Today I realized that I use Google in exactly this way. Instead of typing a site URL, more often than not I perform a Google search that yields the site as the first or second result. My brain has hashed the site by keyword rather than URL. When I type that word into the searchbox in the upper right corner of my browser, bing! I’m there. AOL had the idea, but Google p0wned it.