Just watched a bit of the DNC meeting to decide the fate of the Michigan and Florida delegates. As far as I can see, the bottom line is that these weren’t fair contests. As such, the committee has the unenviable choice of sticking to their guns — allowing none of the votes and getting painted (unfairly) with the “you’re repeating 2000” brush — or making the best of a difficult situation by seating the delegates in a limited way. It’s likely that they’ll take the latter path, allocating each delegate half a vote and allocating Michigan’s delegates 60/40, counting each “uncommitted” citizen vote toward Obama. What other reasonable alternative is there? You can check out the live coverage live on C-SPAN.


Below, Keith Olbermann’s special comment on Senator Clinton’s assassination remark. Powerful stuff. Last night I saw the actual video of Clinton’s comments on CNN. It’s a worthwhile exercise, you can hear her putting the emphasis on the word “June”, which is getting little attention in the coverage. But the fact remains that it was an irresponsible thing to say. If you don’t have 11 minutes, skip to 9 minutes 20 seconds. Hat tip to Dave Winer who posted the audio to pownce.