Perhaps an unsung treasure in the online video revolution is the how-to video. We’ve got some old speakers with torn “surrounds” collecting dust in garage. A quick search yielded this speaker repair video on a site that sells repair kits (smart!). Order placed, we’ll see how it goes.

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  1. Pretty cool video. I found had the most speaker repair foam edge kits available of any site. I just typed in my model number “jbl l40” and it took me right to the correct re-edge kit. I went back to their site about a year later looking for an obscure Rogers Sound Lab kit for my RSL 2600 and they had that too.


  2. Hi Everyone,
    Just had to comment about this video. I have a few problems with it. First of all, they do not remove the dustcap so the voice coil can be shimmed and centering assured during the refoaming process. Second, they use latex instead of contact glue for attaching the foam to cone and foam to frame which I think is an inferior product. Third, the refoam kit pricing is high. Sorry to be critical but just felt the info should get out there. if you followed these instructions and did well, congrats. If not, now you know why.
    The Speaker Exchange


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