NOVA scienceNOW

Recommended: NOVA scienceNOW. It’s a video program about current topics in science. My wife and I just watched the July 9 broadcast about repairs to Hubble, early primates, brain cancer research and drug-resistant bacteria. It was a great. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s enthusiasm is infectious, and the animated gags were a hoot. NOVA scienceNOW airs on PBS, but they also have content online and several RSS feeds.

Everything old is new again

TechCrunch discovers moblogging. Let’s pause to give a nod to apps like Dave Winer’s YoMoBlog, Nokia’s LifeBlog, the TextAmerica service, to popularizers like Joi Ito, and all of the many others who came before. I’ve never been a big fan of “we did it first!” lines of credit (what have you done for me lately!), but I’m not a fan of ignorance of the past, either. That’s TechCrunch’s sin. The new apps will almost certainly be more powerful, and probably more popular, than the ones that came before . So a big hearty congrats to Automattic and SixApart on shipping their new iPhone clients. Hope you guys get some great adoption. 🙂

Matt Mullenweg breaks down’s June 2008 traffic by browser type and operating system. WordPress.Com is one of the highest-traffic sites on the Internet, currently on par with and ahead of according to Google Trends, so their numbers are probably a decent indication of what is happening globally. Bottom line? Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows remain dominant, with IE6 still sending over 1/4th of the total traffic (but dropping).

Dave Winer announces TechJunk, a curated stream of breaking stories about new products and new features of existing products. If you’ve been following what Dave’s been doing with NewsJunk, the site will be familiar. The emphasis is on breaking stories — as highlighted on the counts page where stories live for no more than 24 hours. I’ve found the NewsJunk site to be highly informative, and expect the same will be true of TechJunk.