NY Times: “Mr. Schmidt’s elevation is the latest sign of increasing influence of veterans of Mr. Rove’s campaign efforts in the McCain operation.” Hold on to your seats, folks, things are about to heat up.

Stacey Higginbotham takes a look at today’s VC exit environment. She cites an interesting fact, the median age of companies being sold is about 7 years. It’s useful to keep this in mind when building a company. For all of my time in startups we talk about a “twelve to eighteen month horizon” — which manages to stay at a constant distance with each passing year ;). Looking around at the data, with few exceptions it seems to take five or more years to build a solid profitable enterprise.

Checking out whoisi

Checking out Whoisi, a pretty interesting mashup of ideas from wikis, twitter and news rivers. Here’s my node. For fun I added in one of my Mevio channels so you can see some of what is showing up on my mp3 player. Of course since the system is editable, contents are subject to change.