Upgraded, works mostly

Just upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.7. The new admin looks fancy, haven’t really explored it yet. Things seem to work generally, but the hack I use to locate my feed at https://blog.grumet.net/rss.xml no longer works. Seems like WP really really wants my feed to live at /feed. So for now I advertise /rss.xml as the link, as before, but intercept the request with Apache before it hits WP, and 302 redirect to /feed. Update: The push toward /feed is coming from the Canonical URLs code, introduced in WP 2.3 and updated in 2.7. Update 2: Disallowing canonicalization is possible with a short local edit at the top of wp-includes/canonical.php. Done.

Law is code

As the marriage debate rages, consider the fact that law is a code. Our legal code has a format: “marriage”. The format has a long history of application, we understand its use cases. Except now we have a new use case. A pragmatic hacker would not throw out the format, or otherwise rebrand it in response to vocal advocacy, even if the format had flaws. We have a format, and the format works. It’s imperfect, not everyone will be happy with extending it, but the alternative is overlapping and incompatible formats, which is much worse.

Delicious x2

The Internets turn out to be a great place for finding food recipes. My workflow typically involves a Web search, then a printout and finally into the kitchen to cook. Afterwards the printout lands somewhere between the pages of a cookbook. I get so many recipes from the net it finally occurred to me to start bookmarking them. But where to store the recipe bookmarks. Well, why not delicious? 😉