It's the battle, stupid

Interesting AP article on the House of Representatives voting to keep the February 17th deadline for ceasing analog tv transmission. The vote is seen as a victory for House Republicans and a defeat for the Obama administration. Interestingly, the policy decision could easily be interpreted as anti-business, since TV ratings — and therefore advertising revenue — will almost certainly dip while people get their bearings and upgrade. Maybe it’s more about the battle than the policy. Either way, I’m in favor of just getting it done. C’mon, it’s TV we’re talking about here, not 911 service. We’ll figure it out, people will survive.

A tale of two vacuum flasks

I’m a coffee drinker. Recently I’ve gotten into the habit of brewing my own coffee daily, loading up the brewing machine the night before and timing the switch-on so that the house smells good at wake up time. The brew comes with me to work in a vacuum flask. This ritual started as an experiment, and the experiment started with a Trudeau stainless steel model for transport. The coffee stayed warm, and the flask had a top that doubled as a cup. Handy! Problem was, the coffee tasted like…stainless steel. On a tip from Dvorak I tried a glass-lined flask. These were how the original thermoses were made. And, dog-gone it, the holder of the trademark, Thermos corp, is still making them! A mere nine dollars and ground shipping later, and the glass lined thermos arrived. It’s a bit bulkier than the stainless model, but the coffee tastes great.