A tale of two vacuum flasks

I’m a coffee drinker. Recently I’ve gotten into the habit of brewing my own coffee daily, loading up the brewing machine the night before and timing the switch-on so that the house smells good at wake up time. The brew comes with me to work in a vacuum flask. This ritual started as an experiment, and the experiment started with a Trudeau stainless steel model for transport. The coffee stayed warm, and the flask had a top that doubled as a cup. Handy! Problem was, the coffee tasted like…stainless steel. On a tip from Dvorak I tried a glass-lined flask. These were how the original thermoses were made. And, dog-gone it, the holder of the trademark, Thermos corp, is still making them! A mere nine dollars and ground shipping later, and the glass lined thermos arrived. It’s a bit bulkier than the stainless model, but the coffee tastes great.

2 thoughts on “A tale of two vacuum flasks”

  1. Yes but … to keep that fresh taste isn;t so easy. My beloved dishwasher turns out to be a serial thermos-killer. So I have to hand-wash my thermos, and fast … or else to hide it from all the people in my life who load and run dishwashers.


  2. I can still remember the tinkling sound of the broken thermoses I brought home from elementary school …


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