NY Times: “An examination of the program reveals that the zombie computers are programmed to try to contact a control system for instructions on April 1.” April Fool? Unlikely.

Add Mevio to your Boxee!

Update: We’re showing up in the App Box now. Grab the latest release of Boxee, go to App Box and click on Mevio.

Until Mevio shows up in the Boxee “App Box” store, you can add it manually by editing your sources.xml file in a text editor.

The sources.xml file is located in a folder that depends on your operating system:

Application Support/BOXEE/UserData/profiles/boxeeusername/sources.xml

Windows Vista:

Windows XP:
Windows Vista:
C:Documents and SettingslocalusernameApplication DataBOXEEuserdataprofilesboxeeusernamesources.xml

The file contains XML, with several sections. Locate the <video> section and add the following to it:


Restart Boxee, and look for the Mevio icon in Video -> Internet. Then select a network and you’re off to the races!