TAL podcast at the top of the iTunes charts

It’s neat to see the This American Life podcast at the top of the iTunes charts. This is now ancient history but TAL played a big inspirational role in my contributions to podcasting. It’s still once of the best programs out there. On a related note, a recent episode of sister program Planet Money tells the story of a shipping executive who, after negotiating the ransom and release of a vessel taken by pirates, forms a relationship with the pirates’ negotiator. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

A Newspaperman's Prayer

This short piece, attributed to journalist Bob Considine, seems an appropriate admonition to bloggers, who in much greater numbers have the same power and responsibility today:

Dear God, may I be fair, Circumstances and dumb luck have placed in my thumby paws a degree of authority which I may not fully comprehend. Let me not profane it.

Give me the drive that will make me check and countercheck the facts. Guide me when, lost for want of a rudder or a lead, I stumble through the jungle of speculation.

The twenty-six sharp-edged tools we call our alphabet can do what other tools do: build or destroy. Let me build. But let me know clearly, also, what should be destroyed, what darkness, what bigotry, what evil, what curse, what ignorance.

Source: The Hearsts: Father and Son