Eric Schmidt at Dreamforce

Last night I watched the Eric Schmidt interview from the Dreamforce ’11 event this past week. I have not followed Schmidt up until this point and was struck by his great skill as a communicator. Particularly interesting to me were his views on non-technical subjects such as US economic competitiveness and personal career choices. He struck me as not merely a silicon valley insider, but someone with a broad global view who is able to articulate it in a factual and serious way. Perhaps he has a successful political career ahead?

On a separate note, the stage and signs at the conference featured a logo with the word “software” and a strikethrough pattern. This was somewhat jarring to see at a meeting celebrating a computing platform that runs on software. Someone pointed out to me that for many, “software” represents “software that you download and install on a PC” as opposed to “stuff that runs in the cloud and auto-updates”. But that stuff is still software, not merely moisture condensing as it rises into cooler layers of the atmosphere.

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