Rdio remote control mode

I use the online service rdio to listen to music. One of the “features” of the service is that you are limited to a single stream at any given time. If you’re active on one device, other devices display a note indicating that the stream is playing somewhere else, and an option to re-route the stream to device you’re on. But there’s also an option to control playback on the currently streaming device…Remote Control Mode.

The upshot is, you can have Device A driving your hi-fi speakers while you work at, and select new music from Device B across the room. Brilliant.

Moved to bcc

Just came across an interesting mail technique called “moved to bcc”. Here’s how it works

  1. You introduce me to a friend of yours and finish off with some variation of “okay, have fun!”
  2. I want to thank you for connecting us but not keep you on for the details.
  3. Instead of cc’ing you, I bcc you and say “Thanks! (moved you to bcc)”.
  4. You get the thank you message.
  5. When your friend replies to me so we can get to talking, you’re gracefully freed from the thread.