The Kendall Flower Shop (242 Main St – Cambridge, MA) has fresh fruit out in front of their door among the flowers on display. I often stop by and pick up an apple or banana on the way to Sloan. Every time, the fruit is fresh and delicious. The regulars drop off their cash, 50 cents per piece, on the right end of the front counter. Sometimes wordlessly, with just a “hello” nod to the shopkeeper. Little things like this make me happy.

The T, brought to you by Bud Light?

I looked up from my Metro as the red line approached Kendall Square. The ad featured attractive, scantily clad twenty year-olds against a synthetic, deep blue background. The ad to its left was simlilarly themed. The ad to its right, same thing. My eyes traveled around the subway car. Every single ad hawking the same product. A pretty surreal way to start the day.

In praise of the Grand

This morning my daughter and I took our weekly walk up to the park on Highland Ave. and then down into Union Square. These trips usually finish off with a stop at the Grand Coffeehouse at 61 Somerville Ave. Such a gem. The couches are big and comfortable. Today we found a children’s book about an ostrich. There was also a fantastic piece of local art that was a sort of cropped view of a classic three stooges photograph. The chocolate croissants are the best I’ve tasted since first trying them years ago in France. One of these days I need to venture over alone so that I can take advantage of the free wireless Internet connectivity. The best part is that’s part of the neighborhood. When we get there, I order “the usual”. The counter guy always waves “hi!” and makes happy faces at my daughter. We love the Grand!