Liz Phair on the music biz

Liz Phair delivers an unexpected dose of honesty in today’s Boston Metro:

“A few years ago I waged a campaign to get off [Capitol],” Phair said. If I only sold 100,000 records, I’d still make more money than if I sold 1 million on a major. Major labels give you a lot of flattery and perks, but you’re not an entrepreneur, and once you get in your 30s, that bothers you.”

“There was a period before I was working with the Matrix where Capitol kept telling me, ‘Hmm, you’re not quite there'”, Phair said. “That pisses me off. At one point [then-Capitol President] Roy Lott was like, ‘We want a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-double chorus.’ So I was like, ‘If that’s what you want, fine.’ I’m still writing all those quirky weird songs. They just don’t reach people.”

The Boston Metro has a site but the article is not there. Grumble. Aha! There’s a longer and better version at MSNBC.

If you live in Boston, you can catch Liz Phair live this weekend. I’ve seen conflicting reports of where and when. The Metro says it’s tonight, but the Boston Globe says Sunday. Both say the show will be at Avalon. Best to call ahead to be sure.

ps. We want to hear the quirky stuff too.
pps. Go Trevs! (cough, cough)

Borders on paid content “Will Web users ever pay for content?”

Borders gets a few things really right but IMHO is also missing out on a few realities. Take this statement for example: “Very soon, you’ll see that the content that’s left to be free is content that will not be trusted; content that has a bias.” Hmm, he seems to be ignorant of the notion media bias, not to mention the authenticity that the typical weblogger brings. Still, I think they could succeed if the price point is right. I bet they could do some innovative things around combined subscriptions and levels of search access to their moby archives.

HP Recycles

To balance that last post, here’s an example of a BigCo doing something rather heartwarming: HP Product Recycling.

I’ve just boxed up an old 694C inkject printer and placed my order. They’ll be coming by to pick it up some time this week. The service will cost me $17, but in return I get a $10 e-coupon at their online store. Given toner prices for my new officejet, that should be easy to spend :->.

Update (23 July) UPS picked up the box yesterday. Mission accomplished.